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Final Project Update

Proposed Game Features

For my final project I will use my 2D collision system and Srija Kambhampati’s Audio system to make an arcade space shooter game that is based off of asteroids. Player’s will be able to move a ship that can shoot at asteroids to destroy them. Players can also collect a shield power up. Player’s lose the game once their ship has been destroyed. The object of the game is to destroy as many asteroids as possible before finally dying.

Features Implemented

  • Screen wrap around for asteroids and players when moving past screen bounds.
  • Function that spawns asteroids with an initial acceleration applied.
  • Function that spawns bullets when the player presses the given key with an initial acceleration applied.
  • Player controls that allow for movement and shooting.
  • Function that destroys bullets by game bounds rather than wrap around.

Features Left To Do

  • Collision Responses.
  • Point system that prints out to the log when the end state is reached.
  • Audio response and background music.
  • Integrate audio system.
  • Shield power up.

2D Collision System

  • Detect player and asteroid collisions.
  • Detect bullet and asteroid collisions.
  • Detect player and power up collisions.

Audio System

  • Play a clip when the player destroys an asteroid.
  • Play a clip when the player is destroyed by an asteroid.
  • Play a clip when the player picks up a power up.
  • Play background music.

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AuthorLuis Garcia Remes

Install instructions


Press D/Right Arrow  to move player(white circle)  right.

Press A/Left Arrow to move player(white circle) left.

Press W/Up Arrow to move player(white circle)  up.

Press S/Down Arrow  to move player(white circle)  down.

Press Space + Any direction button(s) mention above to shoot in that direction. (player can shoot diagonally).

Press Space once player has been destroyed to restart the game.

Press Esc to exit the program.

To view the scores from your last session open the log file in the game folder.

Download Instructions:

1.  Unzip Files

2. Run .exe


FinalProject.zip 31 MB

Development log

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